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À propos de GLOBALM2M Technologies


With more than 10 Years experience, GLOM2M has developed a very reliable tracking services based on a unique platform and iridium based technologies. Dedicated and secured platforms were delivered to Oil&Gaz companies, security companies and professional users in North Africa and abroad for many years. A multi communication protocols with completely secured data offer a variety of customized interfaces for customers. With their hundreds of adapted devices, Tracking systems and Tracking fleet of vehicles, especially aircraft and helicopters became more than easy task. A complete full secure access for fleet management and monitoring is made possible for Aero operators and aviation companies.  Based on its partner's networks, GLOBALM2M distribute global software and hardware solutions with Dual Mode Flight Tracking device and Monitoring system, The fully customized and adaptive platform, making possible to deliver the best tracking solution for Helicopters and general Aviation companies. Theintelligent device being under certification for Minor Change Approval by EASA and TCCA, it represent a revolution in flight data monitoring systems at low cost capacity with maximum of reliability.


GLOBALM2M company and collaborators can realize  and respond to your needs with total successful results and fulfill your request as per the customer needs.

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